Delegates participating in the upcoming MID-DERMACON 2018 are cordially invited to submit abstract on the results of their study or research work. Accepted papers will be presented either in award paper, free paper or e-poster sessions. (subject to the decision taken by the blinded judges and scientific committee, MID-DERMACON 2018). All further communications would be made by email ONLY.

Essential Requirement for Abstract Submission:

• Presenting author must be a registered delegate

• Post-Graduates must submit a letter of Affiliation from the Head of the Department • Declaration of conflict of interest

• The abstract should reach the scientific committee before 15th June 2018.

• All abstracts to be sent to or only. • Abstracts submitted through any other means will not be considered

• The authors have to specify the category in which they wish to present- Award paper (Dissertation) (Eligibility: Post graduate dissertations of students who passed MD/DNB in the last 2 years only) – Award paper – Free paper – e-Poster

• In the award paper (dissertation) category the authors have to mention the year of passing MD/DNB Abstract format: – Abstract Submission should have the following:

• Title

• Presenting author followed by co-authors names

• Email id for communication

• Institution name

• Address for communication and phone number- Title should be in BLOCK letters, with a double space between the title of the abstract and the name of the presenter – For Free papers, Award papers and posters; the length of the abstract (excluding the title, names and affiliation) should not exceed 250 words. – Studies should follow a structured format

• Introduction

• Materials and methods

• Results

• Conclusion- Case reports should follow a pre-designed format

• Background

• Case synopsis

• Discussion – Please do not include tables, graphs and images in the abstract. These will not be recognized by the system – Check spelling and grammar carefully. Errors will not be amended by the scientific committee. – The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the contents of the abstract before submission. – The Scientific Committee has the right to accept or reject any presentation after peer review. – The decision of the committee shall be final. – Photos shown during the presentation should not be identifiable.

Award and free paper presentation guidelines:

• Time allotted for presentation – 7 minutes

• Please prepare your presentation in Powerpoint format and carry it along on a pen drive.

• No personal laptops will be accepted and you must load your presentation at the venue at-least 2 hours before your session.

• The number of slides to be presented should also not exceed 20 (excluding the title, references and thank you slide) in order to ensure strict adherence to time.

• The slides should be clear and should not contain too much information which will make it more difficult for the audience to follow.

• There should not be more than 8 lines per slide and 10 words per line.

• In award paper presentation, affiliation should not be mentioned. The first slide should display only the name of the presenter and the title of the paper. Don’t put any other co-author’s name. Don’t put your institutional affiliation on any of your slides. (If not followed, it will lead to immediate disqualification of the participant)

• In award paper presentation questions for clarification, if any, would be from the judges only, after the completion of the presentation.

• The patients whose photographs will be shown during the presentation should not be identifiable.

Post Graduate Thesis Award Session Eligibility:

Postgraduates who have cleared the exam in the previous 2 years are eligible (for ex. , 2016, 2017, 2018 for the year 2018) At National level minimum 0f 10 papers should be selected for this session of duration of 9 to 12 minutes each (depending on time slot available). Any candidate who has previously presented a paper with similar topic at National level forum (DERMACON or MIDERMACON) would be disqualified. The presentation will be for 8 minutes followed by 3 minutes of question session by the judges The application has to be forwarded by the guide The postgraduate has to be Provisional life member and the guide a Life member of IADVL. Two awards will be given at the zonal level and 3 at the National level The blinded evaluation shall be carried out by the scientific committee. Novelty and strong methodology shall be given priority in the evaluation (Evaluation Sheet suggested attached ) The award will be given to both the Guide and the postgraduate. Ethical clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee should also be submitted with the abstract The applicant, guide and co-guide have to give an undertaking that the proposed thesis is their original study plan and there are no conflicts of interest.

Young Dermatology Award

• The age of the Candidate should be less than 40

• The Candidate should not be undergoing any Post Graduate course during the conference & at the time of Application

• The Candidate should highlight his/her academic contribution and other scientific/social achievements • Any award or Contribution to books or any other academic Forums

• Abstract of the above should be send to info@middermacon18. com or only for scrutiny

• The selected Candidate has to present a paper to the judges during the conference

• The presentation will be for 7 minutes followed by 3 minutes of question session

Poster Presentation Should be of size 1m X 1m and with standard norms.

Dates To Remember

May 30 PG thesis award

June 15 Award paper

Free paper and poster June 30th